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What Some Jury Members and Clients
Say About Ammons Law Firm Lawyers

-Linda W., Former Client
Houston, Tx

-Ofelia P., Former Client
Houston, Tx
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-Michael G., Former Client
Houston, Tx

-Veronica A., Former Client
Houston, Tx

"I would like to thank you all, for all your help in our case on behalf of my family and myself, ya'll did a great job and are great persons! Thank You"

-Diana D., Former Client
Carrolton, Tx

"I just want to thank you for all the hard work on my case. The case moved efficiently and everyone involved made sure my every need was met. I do want to say that Anjali Nigam was one of the best advocates I had. She was perfect in every aspect. I have a new lease on life now because of what you and The Ammons Law Firm achieved for me. Thank you, that’s all I have to try and explain how grateful I am. Thank you for fighting as hard as I fought to stay alive. – God Bless!"

-Sue R., Former Client
Spring, Tx

"Thank you very much for all the work that you did on our behalf. I really appreciate everything that you all did, as well as your professionalism and the timely manner in which you got things done.

Also, please give our thanks to your staff who were so helpful when we had questions! If we have need of your services or if we know anyone else who does anytime in the future, we will certainly give you a call! Thank you again for everything."

-Lynda P., Former Client
Mansfield, La

"A little over two years ago I received a telephone call that all parents dread to hear. The person on the other line simply said, “Your daughter has been in an accident”. Well here I was 1500 miles away from her , trying to absorb the rest of the conversation, trying to stay focused enough to get the details. Shortly after I arrived in Texas my lovely daughter of 38 years passed away from injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident.

I won’t continue this story, however what I will say is, when things calmed down a little, I knew I must become a voice for my daughter. Though a chain of events our family was introduced to the Ammons Law Firm of Houston, Texas.

From the first initial contact with Mr. Robert Ammons and his staff, I hung up the telephone feeling as if I and my family were in good hands. We had constant contact from Ohio to Texas via the telephone and the computer for two years. The staff made all the arrangements anytime I had to fly to Texas and made sure I had comfortable accommodations while I was there.

My family and I were kept abreast of the progress for our case on a regular basis. Anytime I had any questions, the staff was polite, informative, and punctual with the answers.

I am very satisfied with the level of concern and commitment Mr. Ammons and his staff displayed from the beginning to the conclusion of our association.

I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone who might be seeking one.

Thank You Mr. Ammons and your staff."

-Sandra T., Former Client
Conneaut, Oh

"I would like to thank you and your staff for all that you have done for us. When we started talking to you, we started to feel confident that it would be handled with understanding and care. You and your staff showed us the utmost courtesy and kindness, even when I broke down in the bathroom. I would like to thank you again for your understanding, caring and the swiftness that you handled this matter."

-Bobby and Jody H., Former Client
Lumberton, Tx

"The tragic events of a car accident left my wife paralyzed and diagnosed as a quadriplegic for the rest of her life. In my mind, I had settled in for a long hard road that only God was going to get us through. My wife suggested we obtain law counsel, but I refused, having engaged with lawyers in the past that left a bad taste in my mouth. After about a month, I relented and got in contact with the Ammon’s Law Firm. From day one, the Firm has been professional and courteous; from the administrative person that answers the phone, to the lawyers working the case, everyone is at the top of their game – they are the best!"

-Clarence J., Former Client
Del Rio, Tx

"I felt that Ammons and Midlo did a really great job - especially Mr. Ammons. He was the BEST to my eyes! He was very convincing and lead the trial - no doubt! It was very easy to follow his reasoning. I never knew if it was the right amount....Anything less, I felt, would have been a slap in the face. The family deserved it.

This was my first case to be on a jury. I really connected to the attorneys and the family."

-Alondra T., Jury member

"Rob believed in my case and my family from the start and was by my side until the very end. I appreciate all the effort and hard work Rob put in during my trial. Rob was a passionate advocate for my children and me. I felt secure knowing he was representing me, and I was definitely glad he was on my side!

Bennett cares for the well being of my children and me, and is truly sincere. During the two years of my lawsuit and throughout the trial, Bennett was there to answer any questions or concerns I had. I am grateful for all of his hard work, advice, and support.

The Ammons Law Firm believed in my late husband and what I was fighting for. They brought out the truth, and brought justice to his name. The friendships that were made with the attorneys of the Ammons Law Firm will be life long. I could not have done this without them."

-Candee P., Former client
Mineral Wells, Tx

"I was totally happy with Rob Ammons and the lawyers at the Ammons Law Firm.  Rob Ammons went the extra mile.  I am beside myself.  I feel so good with the settlement they obtained."

-Christopher R., Former Client
Mt. Belvieu, Tx

"Thank you for everything, this [incident] has been the worst thing that can ever happen to anyone.  But thank God we have a great support system.  Again thank you sooo much from the bottom of our hearts."

-Monica S., Former Client
Miami Gardens, Fl

"I was truly amazed by Ammons' and Midlo's presentation and their knowledge of the case.  They were well prepared and had everything they needed to present the case.  They had great exhibits.  It was very easy to follow their reasoning.  I really enjoyed my experience on the jury."

-Teressa H., Jury member

AV rated lawyer Rob Ammons
AV rated lawyer Rob Ammons
Super Lawyers Rated Rawyer Rob Ammons

How Old Are Your Tires?

With the summer months upon us one of the main concerns drivers should have is for their tires.  When tires fail, the result can be devastating injury and even death.  The most common results of a high speed tire failure include rollovers , collisions, loss of vehicle control and post collision fires.

Tires can fail for a vast number of reasons including:

Checking for Uneven Tire Tread Wear

Tires are built with wear bars (flat spots) that can be found in the tread grooves.  These wear bars are there to visually indicate wear.  If the tire tread is worn down so the flat spots are flush with the surrounding tread, this indicates the tire is worn out and should be immediately replaced. If cords are showing through the rubber, the tire is not only unsafe to drive on but most likely on the verge of failure. If a tire has bulges, deep cracks or the tread is separating from the casing this can also indicate impending failure.

Tread wear is most easily measured by using a penny. Place the penny with Lincoln's head upside down in a groove between the treads. If you can't see the top of Lincoln's lead, the tire is okay and still has some wear left in it. If the top of Lincoln's head is flush with the tread, the tread depth is 2/32-inch (1.6mm) or less, indicating the tire is worn out and needs to be replaced.

Some experts now say the same test should now be done with a quarter. If the top of Washington's head is flush with the tread when you place a quarter upside down in a groove, the tread depth is 4/32-inch (3.2mm). Though the tire still has some tread wear left, braking, traction and handling are significantly reduced compared to a tire with more tread on it.

Because of this, many experts now recommend replacing tires when the tread depth is worn down to 4/32-inch or less.

  Picture of an example DOT on a tire.

 If you or a loved one has been injured due to aging tires, call or click here to contact to contact the tire defect lawyers at The Ammons Law Firm today for a free consultation.  

 Tire Expiration Dates

The Rubber Manufacturers Association , explains tire expiration dates may be hard to determine because there are numerous factors that can affect tire aging.

Many tire experts believe printed tire expiration dates would be worthwhile.  Tire manufacturers worry consumers won't pay any attention to an expiration warning anyway and would not replace old tires with new ones. The concern among industry insuders is that people may think the tire industry is trying to pressure the public into buying more tires by stamping an expiration date on them.

Tire makers say expiration dates would complicate their distribution systems because new tires often sit on shelves for two years or more. Tire industry manufacterers say tires vary in chemical makeup, so one expiration date would not fit all tires. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says additional research is needed to come up with an appropriate aging test for tires.

Translating Tire Date Codes

What's the best way to determine the age of the tires on your vehicle? Look at the last group of digits in the DOT manufature code on the sidewall of your tire, these numbers indicate the date of manufacture. The number usually is stamped in a recessed rectangle. This DOT code indicates the tire manufacterer, the tire's date of manufacture and place of origin. The last group of digits in the code is the date code that tells when the tire was made.

Before 2000, the date code had three digits. Since 2000, it has had four. The first two digits are the week of the year (01 = the first week of January). The third digit (for tires made before 2000) is the year (1 = 1991). For most tires made after 2000, the third and fourth digits are the year (04 = 2004).

The date of manufacture is essential information for car owners and tire buyers because tires deteriorate even if they are not used. European automobile manufacturers recommend replacing ANY tire that is more than six (6) years old, including the spare tire. No such recommendations have yet been made by domestic vehicle manufacturers.

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Rob Ammons is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, in addition to being Board Certified in Civil Law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.  Rob Ammons’ law practice, The Ammons Law Firm, is located in Houston, Texas.  The Ammons Law Firm practice is exclusively personal injury law, handling such cases as: tire defects , oil rig explosions , truck accidents , plant explosions, refinery accidents, wrongful death , post-collision fires , seat belt defects, airbag defects , SUV rollovers and workplace accident injury. 

 How To Read A Tire Sidewall

  Chart on How To Read A Tire Sidewall


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