Lawsuit Filed After Drunk Driver Causes Death of Marine

December 21, 2010 Houston, TX: “Defendant Sean Michael McGuire’s negligence caused the collision and the death of David Stidman,” says accident attorney Rob Ammons in the lawsuit.   “McGuire failed to control his speed, was driving while intoxicated, and was inattentive while operating his vehicle in a reckless manner.”  We will figure out exactly what happened.  We will figure out why McGuire’s wife allowed him to drive her car while he was clearly intoxicated.  We will determine  where McGuire had been and why he was on the road when he was clearly a danger to himself and others.”

According to sources, McGuire left the scene of the crash and later returned.  It is believed that McGuire contacted a local law enforcement official before returning to the crash scene.   Murder charges have been brought against McGuire by the Fort Bend County District Attorney Office.

“We intend to expose everyone that contributed to the death of David Stidman and everyone that aided McGuire after the crash.”  We will leave no stone unturned in our investigation into the facts.  I will not rest until everyone that has responsibility for the death of David Stidman and everyone that aided McGuire after the fact is held accountable and brought to justice.  Only then will honor be brought to the life that was lost.”

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