Kia and Sweetwater Suit Settled

Seatback Defect Attorney Settles Suit Against Kia and Sweetwater Country Club After Accident Results in Paraplegia of Driver

March 11, 2011 Houston: Christine Watson was returning home after a family visit in December of 2007 when her car was struck from the rear by an intoxicated driver. As a result of the collision, Watson’s seatback collapsed into a reclined position. Watson was wearing the available lap and shoulder belts but sustained serious injuries in the crash, including a spinal cord injury that rendered her paraplegic.

“The driver of the car that struck Christine Watson had his blood drawn two and a half hours after the accident and it revealed an alcohol level of .18, over twice the legal limit,” says attorney Rob Ammons. “This indicates at the time of the accident Jerry Reyes’ blood level would likely have been .24 as a result of being served 21 drinks at a party he attended at Sweetwater Country Club.”

Ammons filed a lawsuit against Kia alleging Watson’s 2007 Kia Rio had a defective seatback and filed suit against Sweetwater Country Club for over-serving an obviously drunk patron and allowing him to get behind the wheel.

The case was settled with the country club and Kia Motors America for a confidential amount.

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