Suit Filed Against Ford After Fatal Explorer Rollover

SUV Rollover Attorney Rob Ammons Files Suit Against Ford After Fatal Rollover

On behalf of the surviving husband, children and parents of a Nebraska woman, Rob Ammons has filed suit against Ford. The lawsuit cites defects in the family’s 2002 Ford Explorer for her death and for serious injuries to the vehicle’s other occupants.

The woman was driving the Explorer down an Oklahoma highway when she began to change lanes. Discovering the lane was already occupied, she steered the Explorer back into its original lane. The vehicle began swerving uncontrollably and rolled over.

In the lawsuit, Rob Ammons claims the Explorer was unstable. It is also claimed that the SUV should have been equipped with a safety feature called electronic stability control (ESC). This feature uses sensors to compare the driver’s intended trajectory to the direction in which a vehicle is actually traveling. When impending loss of control is detected, it immediately applies the brakes on one side or one corner so that the vehicle is returned to its intended path of travel.

Ammons also claims that the Explorer did not provide adequate occupant protection in rollover crashes. It is alleged that the roof was weak, the seat belts did lock and stay locked, the side window glass shattered, and there was no side curtain airbag. As a result of these shortcomings, the Explorer’s occupants were partially ejected through the broken out windows as the SUV rolled and also made harmful contact with the roof as it collapsed over them. According to the lawsuit, the woman died of head trauma. Her husband and two sons, who were passengers in the vehicle, sustained head, chest and extremity injuries.

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