FedEx Pays in Fatal Pedestrian Accident

A cash settlement was negotiated by The Ammons Law Firm in a negligence lawsuit against Federal Express filed on behalf of the estate and children of a 65-year-old Texas man who was struck and knocked to the ground by a FedEx 18-wheeler at a truck stop. The man’s head was slammed into the blacktop, causing multiple skull fractures and severe traumatic brain injuries. He was flown to the hospital but later died.

The lawsuit Ammons filed contained allegations that the FedEx driver was negligent in failing to keep a proper lookout when entering the truck stop and the fuel bay where he intended to fuel his rig. The man who was struck by the 18-wheeler was also a truck driver – one who had pulled into the truck stop, parked his truck, purchased a snack at the convenience store, and was headed back on foot to his parked vehicle to await being dispatched at the time he was mowed down.

Ammons claimed that FedEx was liable for its employee’s negligent conduct because its driver was on the job at the time of the incident. It was additionally alleged in the lawsuit that FedEx had been negligently lax in the training and monitoring of its drivers and that it had continued to place the driver in question behind the wheel despite a problematic driving history.

“This was a busy truck stop with lots of foot traffic,” said Ammons. “If the FedEx driver had practiced even the minimum safety standards of a commercial driver – including looking out for pedestrians and scanning the area around his vehicle at all times – this man would not have been killed.”

At the Defendants’ insistence, the amount of the settlement is confidential.

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