Deadly Texas Bus Crash Kills 17 and Injures 38 Passengers

Bus Wreck

On August 8, 2008, a catastrophic tour bus crash in Sherman, Texas—about 60 miles north of Dallas—left 17 passengers dead and another 38 injured. The right front tire on the charter bus carrying 55 passengers came apart, which resulted in the bus skidding off a bridge on Highway 17 and overturning. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, this bus crash was one of the worst recorded in U.S. history. Rob Ammons of The Ammons Law Firm represented 21 victims and their families who were affected by this devastating accident.

The passengers were part of Houston’s Vietnamese Catholic community and were traveling to an annual religious festival in Carthage, Missouri. Investigation revealed that the charter bus company, Iguala BusMex based in Houston, did not have the authority to operate at the time of the crash.

“The physical evidence, the bus, the tire, tell a story,” attorney Rob Ammons said.

This catastrophic crash happened due to the failure of the retreaded front tire on the front right axle of the bus. It was illegal for a retreaded tire to even be in that position on the vehicle. These factors along with the conduct of several different companies combined together to ultimately result in this deadly, horrific crash. Rob Ammons and his team located every possible defendant whose actions contributed to this terrible tragedy, including the tour bus operator, tour bus owner, tour bus driver, bus manufacturer, seat manufacturer, tire retreading company, and a local inspection center.

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