Concrete Company Compensates Injured Motorists Struck by Cement Mixer

The Ammons Law Firm successfully negotiated a cash settlement in a negligence lawsuit against a concrete company on behalf of two Texas men. The men, traveling in a pickup, were struck by a cement mixer that had a blowout of its left front tire. The collision spun the pickup into a highway divider and caused it to roll over.

The lawsuit Ammons filed for the injured driver and his passenger contained allegations that the cement mixer was not properly maintained, inspected or operated, and that the concrete company’s driver was also negligent in failing to control the vehicle following the tire disablement. According to Ammons, the tire that failed was in a dangerous condition and should have been removed from service prior to the day of the crash.

Ammons also claimed that since the cement mixer’s driver was on the job at the time of the accident, the cement company employing him was legally responsible for his failure to inspect the cement mixer and its tires on the day in question as well as for his negligent failure to control his vehicle and avoid the collision.

“Crashes involving large, heavy commercial vehicles are becoming more and more of a problem on Texas roadways. Well-maintained, safe vehicles operated by competent professional drivers would go far toward addressing the problem,” said Ammons.

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