Defective Airbag Hits Passenger In Face After Low Speed Impact


On Christmas Day 2002, Veronica Doe, 19, was riding in the right front seat of a 1994 Ford Aspire, which went into a ditch in Harris County.  The passenger airbag deployed in the low-speed frontal impact, and Doe was injured.  Doe sued Ford Motor Co., alleging that there were several clear defects in the car’s airbag system.  First, she claimed, the airbag system likely was designed with a deployment threshold that was too low, especially for belted occupants such as Doe.

The low threshold allowed unwarranted deployments and unnecessarily increased the risk of injuries, she alleged.   Second, the failure to utilize a tether inside the passenger airbag, given its size, caused significant contact to Doe’s face prior to its full inflation, she alleged.

A reasonable alternative would have been to add tethers to limit the rearward reach of the bag and control its trajectory, she argued.  Tethers were included in other makes and models of Ford airbag in the 1994 time period. Third, the passenger airbag system was defective in that it was unreasonably aggressive, Doe alleged.  She suggested lower output single stage inflators and dual-stage inflators to reduce aggression in low-impact collision.


Doe suffered injuries to her face and an open globe injury to her right eye, with a concurrent lateral orbital wall fracture. In the emergency room, her open globe injury was repaired to the extent possible by an ophthalmology service, and doctors chose to observe the fracture. They were unable atthat time to address her eye injuries of traumatic cataract and probable retinal tear. Subsequently, she underwent surgicalremoval of the eye.

RESULT: The parties settled for a confidential amount.

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