Manufacturer Compensates Victims of Abilene Christian University Bus Crash

The Ammons Law Firm successfully negotiated the settlement of a product liability lawsuit filed on behalf of two passengers of an Abilene Christian University bus that crashed during a school-sponsored mission trip.

In the lawsuit filed by Ammons on behalf of a professor at the college and his wife, it was alleged that the bus was not crashworthy and, as such, allowed injuries that were preventable. According to the lawsuit, the shell of the 24-passenger Aerotech bus separated completely from the vehicle’s frame during the accident, leaving rows of passengers completely unprotected and exposed. Ammons alleged that the bus was defectively designed without adequate occupant protection and containment features and that it was also defective in manufacture because the screws used to affix the shell to the bus’ frame did not do their job.

The college professor’s wife sustained a traumatic brain injury, which her husband witnessed. She has permanent deficits that dramatically affect her life and the life of her husband.

“The dismal performance of the Aerotech’s shell, in this case, is indefensible. The shell was weak and flimsy. More importantly, it was not attached to the chassis and frame of the vehicle in such a way that would allow it to remain intact and capable of providing even a modicum of protection to the bus’ passengers in foreseeable crashes.”

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