Pedestrian Settles with Truck Driver That Hit Him in Crosswalk


Alejandro Doe, a 74-year-old husband and father of seven, was pushing his bicycle across the crosswalk of Avenue S at the intersection of Wayside when a Yellow Freight truck driven by Henry Johnson hit him.

Doe was drug along the ground underneath the wheel of the truck.  The plaintiffs alleged that Alejandro was properly in the crosswalk when Johnson negligently failed to lookout to determine the presence of a pedestrian in the crosswalk, thereby running over Doe and causing him catastrophic injuries.


Doe was transported to Ben Taub General Hospital Trauma Center arriving clammy, diaphoretic, cyanotic and in respiratory distress.  He required intubation, ventilator support, intravenous fluids, bilateral chest tubes and stabilization of the mandible fracture with bridle wires. He remained in intensive care for three weeks. Doe slowly improved from a traumatic brain injury but continued to have confusion and weakness. He remains severely impaired with right-sided paralysis, aphasia, dysphagia and confusion.  His past medical expenses totaled $176,543.26.  Future medical and life care expenses added to the damage pictures but there was no claim for lost wages due to the plaintiff’s advanced age.

Paula Doe brought a loss of consortium claim due to her husband’s traumatic injuries.

RESULT: Negotiations following an unsuccessful mediation resulted in a $2.5 million dollar settlement with $1,397,104 net to client after deducton of $102,895 and 40% attorney’s fees.

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