Personal Watercraft Owner Pays after Fatal Lake Accident

The Ammons Law Firm has successfully negotiated the settlement of a negligence case against the owner of a Wave Runner personal watercraft after the death of a 24-year-old Texas graduate student.

The student was a passenger on one of two Wave Runners which had been provided to a group of young people who were guests at the lakehouse of the Wave Runner’s owner. Four guests boarded the Wave Runners and headed out on the lake toward a fishing hole. During a steering maneuver, the student was caused to fall off the Wave Runner and into the lake, after which she was then struck in the head by the other Wave Runner. The injured student was airlifted to a hospital but died the next day.

According to the lawsuit filed by Ammons on behalf of the student’s surviving parents, Wave Runners are one of a number of increasingly popular personal watercraft that can be difficult to handle and can be operated safely only after adequate and proper training, instruction and warnings. With respect to both Wave Runners involved in this fatal incident, Ammons alleged that their owner made them available for use by guests at his lakehouse without adequately training, instructing and/or warning them on and about safe personal watercraft use.

Also included in the lawsuit were the operators of the two Wave Runners based on allegations that they were traveling at too great a speed for the circumstances and despite knowing they did not have the knowledge, training, and instruction necessary to operate the watercraft safely.

“Like many vehicles used for recreation, personal watercraft are not toys. Prior to operating them, operators must be familiarized with the vessels’ features and tendencies if tragedies like this are to be avoided.”

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