Pipe-Lift Elevator Fell on Roughnecks Foot


Plaintiff Joseph Bernard Jr. was a roughneck working on a jack-up rig in the Gulf of Mexico. On Sept. 30, 2000, while tripping pipe out of the drilling hole, the brakes on the pipe-lift elevator failed. It dropped onto Bernard’s foot, dragged him across the floor, and threw him against the drawworks.

Bernard sued his employer, R & B Falcon Drilling USA Inc., Houma, La., under the Jones Act, alleging unseaworthiness and negligence. He also sued Southern Technology & Services Inc., Houma, La., a third-party contractor which had repaired the drawworks a month before the accident, under a negligence theory.

Discovery revealed that the pins for the braking unit in the drawworks elevator had not been secured when the drawworks braking assembly was reworked.  Mark Bunn, the employee for Southern Technology in charge of installing the brake bands, claimed that he was not on the rig
when the job was performed and alleged that R & B Falcon employees installed the bands.

R & B Falcon denied Bunn’s allegations, claiming that Bunn was on the rig when the bands were repaired and that he failed to do his job properly.

The defendants alleged that Bernard was negligent for failing to move out of the way of slow-moving pipe-lift elevator. They also alleged that Bernard did not move out of the way because he had been wearing stolen work boots which did not fit properly. They claimed that two other workers who were performing the same operation as Bernard were able to avoid injury.


Bernard injured his big toe and back. He was diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) and underwent a discectomy on his lower back.

The defendants had Bernard evaluated twice by two different doctors, both of whom disagreed with the RSD diagnosis and the determination that Bernard was disabled from future work.

RESULT: SETTLEMENT for $950,000 with $420,000 net to client.

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