Product Defect Attorney Rob Ammons Sues Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. Following Fatal Tread Separation Crash

On behalf of the Estate and surviving husband and children of a 47-year old California woman killed in a rollover crash, The Ammons Law Firm has filed a lawsuit against Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. The woman was a passenger in a Suburban when the vehicle’s right rear tire experienced a tread separation failure. The driver was unable to control the vehicle with the disabled tire, and the vehicle left the roadway and rolled over. The woman sustained severe head injuries and died at the scene.

The tire that failed was a Dominator Sport A/T designed and manufactured by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company in Arkansas. In the lawsuit, Rob Ammons claims the tire was defective in both design and manufacture. Specifically, it is alleged that proper adhesion of the tire’s internal components was not achieved during its manufacture and that Cooper failed to design the tire with reinforcement features that would have reduced the risk of it coming apart. It is further alleged in the lawsuit that the rubber compounds Cooper used in making the tire did not contain chemicals to prevent premature aging of the tire and were possibly contaminated.

Rob Ammons is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, in addition to being Board Certified in Civil Law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. Rob Ammons’ law practice, The Ammons Law Firm, is located in Houston, Texas.

The Ammons Law Firm’s practice is exclusively personal injury law, handling such cases as tire defects, oil rig explosions, truck accidents, plant explosions, refinery accidents, wrongful death, post-collision fires, seat belt defects, airbag defects, SUV rollovers, and workplace negligence.