Product Defect Attorney Settles Suit Against Ford in Deadly Rollover

The Ammons Law Firm has successfully negotiated the settlement of a wrongful death case against Ford on behalf of the Estate, husband and four sons of a 47-year-old Texas woman who was killed in a rollover crash.

The woman was the right front passenger in a 2001 Ford Expedition when another vehicle entered its path. As the driver steered to avoid a collision, the Expedition became uncontrollable, crossed the roadway’s lanes and rolled over. Plaintiffs had alleged in their lawsuit that the vehicle was particularly unstable and susceptible to roll over, even as compared to other SUVs.

As the Expedition rolled, its right front door came open, and the woman’s head struck the ground through the open door, causing her death.

Vehicle doors should remain closed during a crash. According to Ammons, the inadequacy of the Expedition’s door latches was something about which Ford knew prior to the manufacture and sale of the Expedition involved in this crash. In fact, those studying the issue within Ford had recommended a recall, but Ford ultimately chose to continue providing vehicles with the failure-prone door latching systems. Had Ford chosen instead to use stronger, better-designed latching mechanisms in the Expedition, the woman’s partial ejection that caused her fatal head injuries would have been prevented. 

Ford insisted that the settlement amount be kept confidential.

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