Tire Tread Separation Leads to SUV Rollover Due to Unstable Design


Martha Doe, 50, Felicia Public, 31, Carolyn Smith, 52, and Alexandria Jones, 6, were passengers in a 1998 Ford Explorer SUV when the vehicle’s left rear Cooper Sentry AP Sport R/V tire experienced a tread separation and failure.  The driver lost control of the SUV, which rolled over.  Public and Smith were ejected from the vehicle, and Doe was partially ejected.

Doe suffered a diffuse subarchonoid hemorrhage, a C5-6 laminar fracture, a right maxillary fracture, and an avulsion laceration injury to the scalp.  She continues to suffer form headaches and memory and vision problems.  Public suffered a concussion; a laceration of the right patellar area, a fracture of the right distal tibia, sprains of the cervical, thoratic and lumbar spine, bilateral shoulder sprains and bilateral knee sprains.  Wizer suffered head trauma, a left eye hemorrhage, a fracture to her right pinky finger and a right chest wall contusion.

Jones suffered abdominal abrasions from her seat belt and continues to suffer from headaches.

The suit against the manufacturer of the SUV alleged that its design was inherently unstable in that it has a relatively narrow track and a high center of gravity.  Plaintiffs also alleged that the SUV’s roof lacked sufficient strength to protect occupants during a foreseeable rollover, that the plaintiff’s seatbelts failed to restrain them during the rollover and that the windows were inadequately glazed in that the side and rear windows were made of tempered glass rather than laminated glass.

RESULT: Settlement Confidential

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