Tread Separation and Unstable Truck Design Blamed for Rollover


Plaintiffs Inaudito Doe, a 37-year-old manual laborer, and Jose Smith, a 19-year-old manual laborer, were passengers in a 1998 Ford Ranger pickup truck traveling on Interstate 35 West in Denton.  The right rear Firestone Cornell steel-belted 40 tire, size P205/75R14M/S, allegedly suffered tread separation, resulting in loss of control and ultimately roll-over of the truck, according to plaintiff attorney Robert E. Ammons.

Ammons claims the truck is unstable, especially in the event of a tire failure, contributing to the severity of the accident.  No blowout occurred, but approximately 25% of the tread and a corresponding portion of the steel belt were thrown off.  Analysis of the tire indicated that had the tire been properly manufactured, the tire would not have failed in this manner.


Both Doe and Smith were killed.   Doe suffered a fractured skull, cerebellar and brain stem lacerations, and diffuse intra cranial hemorrhage.  Smith sustained pulmonary contusions, vascular lacerations and hemothoraces, lacerated spleen and intra cranial hemorrhage.

Does’s wife and children, and Smith’s parents made claims for termination of the familial relationships and loss of love, comfort, companionship and society.  They also sought compensation for emotional pain and torment they have experienced and will continue to experience in connection with the deaths of the two men.

The surviving parents of Doe also sought compensation for the past pain and suffering their son, endured from the time of injury until his death, shortly thereafter.

RESULT: A confidential settlement was reached at mediation with both Bridgestone/Firestone and Ford Motor Co. for all the plaintiffs’ claims.

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