Trucking Company Compensates Heirs of Landscaper Killed by 18-Wheeler

The Ammons Law Firm successfully negotiated a cash settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of the parents of a landscaper who was struck and killed by an 18-wheeler.

It was a November afternoon when a tractor-trailer owned by a Texas trucking company and being operated by its employee was traveling down a Texas highway. As traffic began to slow in front of him, the tractor-trailer’s driver failed to control his speed and clipped the rear end of another vehicle. The driver lost control of his rig, left the road, struck a vehicle parked on the shoulder and then fatally struck the landscaper who was performing roadside landscape maintenance.

In the lawsuit filed on behalf of the man’s parents, Ammons alleged the trucking company’s driver was inattentive and failed to control both his speed and the tractor-trailer. Since the driver was on the job at the time the man was struck, his employer is legally responsible for his negligence. Ammons also claimed that the trucking company failed to properly train, instruct, supervise and monitor its driver with respect to safe driving and accident prevention practices.

“Until trucking companies put only careful, properly trained commercial drivers on the road, tragedies like this will continue to occur and victims will continue to seek just compensation for their damages,” said Ammons.

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