Wells Fargo Pays in ATM Assault

The Ammons Law Firm settled a negligence lawsuit against Wells Fargo on behalf of a 31-year-old Houston man who was shot twice and left for dead at one of the bank’s ATMs. Wells Fargo insisted the amount of the settlement be kept confidential.

According to the lawsuit filed by Ammons, the man was inserting his debit card into the Wells Fargo drive-thru ATM when he was approached by two gunmen ordering him to withdraw money. The terrified man attempted to comply but entered the wrong PIN twice, prompting the ATM to swallow his card. He was then shot twice after which the gunmen fled. The man lay bleeding for hours before being discovered by another ATM customer who called 911. The man was transported to the hospital by ambulance and, due to a bullet hitting his spine, has been rendered quadriplegic.

The lawsuit contained allegations that the ATM location in question had been the site of a significant amount of prior violent criminal activity but that the bank was negligent in not taking enhanced security measures and in failing to follow its own policies with respect to providing for the safety of its ATM customers. Lighting and visibility problems at this location put the victimized man in this matter at grave risk. Also included in the lawsuit were the man’s wife and three young daughters who have been deprived of the able-bodied husband and father they knew prior to the assault.

“Wells Fargo failed to stay informed of criminal activity in the City of Houston and specifically bank crime and ATM robberies at this particular Wells Fargo location. Because bank management did nothing meaningful to prevent or minimize the chance of further crime at its ATM, a young husband and father are now permanently paralyzed,” said Ammons.

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