Ford and Cooper Tire Pay After Multiple-Victim Mississippi Rollover

The Ammons Law Firm has successfully concluded a products liability case, obtaining settlements with Cooper Tire and Ford on behalf of four injured individuals as well as the heirs of two people killed in a rollover crash. The victims were Florida residents.

The rollover occurred when the left rear tire on a 2000 Ford F250 failed through tread separation as the vehicle traveled down a Mississippi highway. The vehicle responded by skidding out of control. It left the roadway, struck a guardrail, traveled down an embankment and rolled over.

The tire that failed was a Wildcat Radial A/T built by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. Rob Ammons alleged in several lawsuits he filed on behalf of the victims that the tire was designed using inadequate components (poor wedging, inner liner and belt splicing) and without a zero degree nylon cap ply proven effective in preventing tread separations. Ammons also contended Cooper was negligent by failing to properly test its Wildcat Radial A/T tires.

Settlement with Cooper Tire was reached during mediation of the lawsuits.

Without naming Ford as a defendant in the lawsuits, Ammons also negotiated a settlement of the victims’ wrongful death and personal injury claims against the automaker. Those claims were rooted in what Ammons contended was Ford’s negligent and defective design of the F250 – specifically, the vehicle’s dangerously low understeer gradient characteristics that made it unreasonably difficult to control following tread separation failure of a rear tire. According to Ammons, Ford knew of measures it could easily implement to eliminate inadequate handling in such circumstances, but it chose not to do so in the F250.

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