Product Defect Attorney Rob Ammons Resolves Suit Against Yokohama Tire after Fatal California Crash

The Ammons Law Firm achieved settlement of a wrongful death case against Yokohama Tire on behalf of the mother of a 10-year-old boy killed in a crash. The crash occurred in California when a Geolander GO 39 tire on the family’s SUV came apart, causing the vehicle to roll over.

Rob Ammons brought a lawsuit against Yokohama Tire on behalf of the boy’s grieving mother, claiming that improper materials and processes were used in manufacturing the Geolander GO39. Ammons specifically pointed out that the tire’s internal rubber components had not bonded to each other during the curing phase of the manufacturing process and that old, dried out materials were used to build the tire. Ammons also alleged that the design of the tire was defective because it did not include durability and safety features necessary to prevent the progression of belt and tread separation.

The tire that failed, while still having plenty of remaining tread depth, was 11 years old. Since all tires degrade to some extent over time, Ammons also claimed that Yokohama Tire should have recommended removal from service of any tire over six years of age.

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