VERDICT $3,448,000 – Worker Suffers Spinal Cord Injury


On Oct. 29, 2002, plaintiff Raul Doe Jr., 28, an oilfield worker, was seriously injured while helping a welder connect a large pipe to a flange at a Starr County well site.  The heavy pipe was supported at one end by a forklift and at the other end by Doe and the welder.  The welder let go of the pipe when he bent down to retrieve a dropped bolt.

Doe and his wife, Garciela, sued the welder’s employer, Cactus Iron Works Inc., Edinburg, and rig owner Nabors Drilling USA LP, Houston, for negligence, alleging that they failed to provide a safe work environment and failed to assign adequately trained personnel to the rigging operations. Cactus Iron Works argued that the accident was not caused by the negligence of either party.  It also maintained that the welder did not know that Doe was injured until he learned later in the day that Doe was taken to the hospital.


Doe complained of neck, back and shoulder pain and was later hospitalized for three days after he kept vomiting blood.  Doe sustained a herniated lumbar disc and underwent a two-level lumbar fusion.  Until the fusion solidifies, he will be physically impaired and require care.
Doe has not been able to return to work.  His wife complained of loss of consortium and household services.  They asked the jury for $3.9 million.

RESULT: The jury found Cactus Iron Works 100% liable and awarded $3,448,000 in damages.  The case was later settled for a confidential amount.

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