Ford Sued After F250 Pulling Trailer Rolls Over, Killing Texas Man

On behalf of the wife, five children and mother of a 68-year-old Houston man killed when the 2012 F250 in which he was a passenger rolled over, suit has been filed against Ford Motor Company. Defects in the vehicle’s rollover protection system were cited as the reason for the man’s fatal injuries.

The pickup was pulling a loaded trailer on a wet Georgia roadway when the driver lost control in a curve, struck the guardrail and overturned, landing on its top next to the trailer.

The lawsuit filed by Rob Ammons claims the F250 lacks an adequate rollover protection system. TheF250’s roof is extremely weak, and its seat belts do not couple occupants to their seats in rollover crashes. As a result, although the passenger was properly belted, his head forcefully contacted the collapsing roof as the pickup rolled, fracturing his skull and cutting his brainstem. Ammons further alleged that Ford failed to properly test the F250 line of vehicles to determine how the pickup’s rollover protection system would perform in a rollover prior to it being manufactured for sale.

The lawsuit also includes Big Tex Trailer as a defendant, citing a faulty brake system on the trailer it manufactured and sold that, as designed, can fail to respond to the application of brakes on the vehicle towing it. Ammons contends that only the brakes on the front of the trailer and not the rear responded to the F250 driver’s braking, degrading the handling of the pickup and the ability of its driver to safely negotiate the curve.

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