Rob Ammons Files Lawsuit after Near-Electrocution of Houston HVAC Worker

An HVAC worker in Houston was replacing and relocating air conditioning units at a commercial building in Houston, Texas when he received a severe electrical shock.  The electrician at the building informed the HVAC worker that electrical power to the unit he would be working on had been turned off when, in fact, it had not.  Electrical power was still being supplied to the unit which shocked the worker, causing him to suffer a nearly fatal brain injury. The worker is now a permanent invalid, dependent on others for all activities of daily living.

Chart of Electricity's Effects on Human Body

In a lawsuit filed by Rob Ammons on behalf of the worker as well as his wife and children, it is alleged that the electrician and the company employing him were negligent in conducting work at the building.  Because the electrician was acting within the course and scope of his employment at the time of this incident, his employer is legally responsible for his negligent conduct.

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