Cooper Tire Pays After Fatal Florida Rollover

The Ammons Law Firm has successfully concluded a products liability case, obtaining settlements with Cooper Tire and Pep Boys on behalf of family members surviving two women who were killed in a rollover crash. The victims were Florida residents.

The rollover occurred when the left rear tire on an SUV failed through tread separation as the vehicle traveled down a highway in Flagler County, Florida. The sudden tire disablement caused the driver to lose control over the vehicle. The women, who were passengers in the vehicle, sustained fatal injuries as the vehicle rolled.

The tire that failed was a Futura Adventurer designed and manufactured by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. The tire was marketed and sold by Pep Boys. Rob Ammons alleged in the lawsuit that the tire was defective and that Cooper failed to utilize materials and processes that would have increased the strength and durability of the tire. He further alleged that Cooper designed and built the tire without known and inexpensive safety features (including belt wedging and a full nylon cap ply) that would have made it highly resistant to tread separation failure. Ammons also contended that Cooper was negligent in failing to inspect the tire that later failed, adding that Cooper’s quality control at its manufacturing plant deficient.

With respect to Pep Boys, Ammons alleged that it knew the dangers inherent in using defective Cooper tires which lack necessary components such as belt wedges, nylon cap plies, and other similar safety features. According to Ammons, Pep Boys negligently marketed Futura Adventurer tires after failing to properly monitor claims resulting in adjustments of Cooper tires and by failing to warn consumers of the dangers posed by Cooper tires.

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