UPS Pays for Houston Neighborhood Crash

The Ammons Law Firm has successfully negotiated the settlement of a case involving a completely preventable traffic collision in which two Texas women, as well as a toddler, were injured.

The women and child were stopped in their Corolla on a Houston neighborhood road behind a Camry waiting to make a left turn when a UPS delivery truck referred to as a package car slammed into the Corolla, pushing it into the Camry. In the lawsuit, Ammons claimed that the UPS driver acted negligently and caused the collision by failing to control his speed and keep a proper lookout.

Ammons alleged that UPS, as the package car driver’s employer, was responsible for his negligent conduct because the driver was in the course and scope of his employment with UPS at the time of the incident. Ammons also alleged in the lawsuit that UPS failed to properly qualify, hire, train, monitor and supervise the driver and that the company was negligent in failing to provide its drivers with air-conditioned package cars. Ammons claimed that lack of air conditioning in the vehicles causes drivers to perspire excessively and become fatigued, creating a dangerous and distracting condition for safe operation of the trucks.

In deposition, the UPS driver confessed to being distracted to the point that he did not see the Corolla until it was too late to stop. The driver also admitted that he had not allowed enough following distance between his package car and the traffic ahead of it.

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