Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. Sued After Tread Separation Causes Texas Crash that Injures Four

On behalf of four passengers in a family’s pickup, Rob Ammons of the Ammons Law Firm has filed a lawsuit against Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. The pickup was traveling at highway speeds in Caldwell County, Texas when its left rear tire experienced a tread separation failure. The pickup left the roadway and rolled over. The passengers, including two adults and two minor children, sustained multiple injuries.

The lawsuit identifies the tire that failed as a Futura Dakota H/T which Rob Ammons claims was defective both in its design and its manufacture. Specifically, it is alleged that the tire was designed without safety features that are shown to be effective countermeasures to tread separations. It is also alleged that the materials used to build the tire did not incorporate a sufficient amount of antidegradant chemicals to adequately resist the breakdown of the tire’s internal structures. Moreover, Ammons alleges that proper bonding of the tire’s components was not achieved during the manufacturing process. It is claimed in the lawsuit that Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. was not only negligent in the way it designed and manufactured the tire, but also in failing to properly inspect the tire for defects that, according to Ammons, were detectible and should have resulted in keeping the tire out of the stream of commerce.

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