Insurance Company Pays Policy Limits to Family of Houston Man Killed in Highway Crash

The Ammons Law Firm successfully negotiated a full policy limits settlement in a wrongful death case filed on behalf of the wife and daughter of a 31-year-old Houston man killed in a crash on a state highway.

Shortly before the fatal crash, another accident had occurred on the highway, leaving a disabled Accord resting across two traffic lanes. As the Houston man was approaching the area of the prior accident in his Taurus, his vehicle was struck by a Toyota Sequoia traveling behind him. The force of the collision then pushed the Taurus into the disabled Accord.

In the wrongful death lawsuit Ammons filed for the man’s survivors, he alleged the Sequoia’s driver failed to control her speed, failed to take evasive action and was driving at an unlawful and unsafe speed. According to Ammons, downloading of the Sequoia’s black box revealed it was traveling at a speed of 69 mph when the posted speed limit was only 60 mph.

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