Goodyear Tire and Franken Oil Pay After Separation Crash Kills Two

Goodyear Tire and Franken Oil will pay the surviving spouses and children of two people killed in a rollover crash. Both decedents were passengers in a minivan when the left rear tire’s tread separated from its carcass, causing the rollover.

According to the lawsuit filed by The Ammons Law Firm of Houston, Texas, the tire that failed was an Arizonian Steel Radial defectively designed and manufactured by The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.  The tire still had over half of its original tread depth remaining when it had the blowout.  Rob Ammons alleged that proper adhesion of the tire’s internal components was not achieved during its manufacture and that its belts were assembled incorrectly.  The lawsuit also alleged that Goodyear failed to design the tire with well-known tread separation countermeasures, including a sufficiently thick wedge as well as a full nylon cap ply reinforcement proven to reduce the risk of it coming apart while traveling down the highway.

Franken Oil, who operated a Phillips 66 station where the tire was mounted for use the day before the crash, was included in the lawsuit because of its alleged negligence.  According to the lawsuit, the station’s tire technician responsible for inspecting and mounting tires failed to determine the unserviceable condition of the Arizonian Steel Radial.

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