Brazoria County Woman Prevails in Her Case against Tire Service Centers and Vehicle Manufacturer

A 73-year-old Brazoria County woman successfully concluded her case against three different companies that were responsible for her life-changing brain injuries.

The woman was a passenger in a 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. She was properly wearing her seat belt. The left rear tire on the vehicle experienced a tread separation, and the Sport Trac began rotating on the road and rolled over. It was claimed in the lawsuit that the roof of the Sport Trac is weak and incapable of withstanding the vehicle’s weight in a rollover crash without collapsing and causing injury to people inside the vehicle.

Tire service centers Brazosport Tire Company and TJ’s Lube Shop #1 were also sued for providing negligent tire services. Specifically, it was alleged that Brazosport Tire Company improperly repaired the tire that failed in the nonrepairable zone and placed new tires on the front axle of the Sport Trac while leaving older, more worn tires on the rear. Tire and vehicle manufacturers agree that when less than four tires are being replaced, the new and best rubber should always be positioned on the rear axle for maximum safety.

Following the improper installation of new tires on the front of the Sport Trac, TJ’s Lube Shop #1 inspected and serviced the vehicle’s tires but failed to warn of the dangers of this tire configuration or to recommend that the tires be rotated.

The traumatic brain injury suffered by the woman is permanent. Necessary lifetime care for this now disabled woman is projected to cost another $4.7 Million.

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