Trucking Company Pays $1 Million Dollars for Aggravation of Disc Injury

The Ammons Law Firm was hired to represent a 38-year-old Texas man who re-injured his back when his box truck was forced into a guardrail by a passing 18-wheeler.

In the lawsuit, Rob Ammons claimed the big rig’s driver was negligent in failing to pass to the left safely, in failing to maintain the tractor-trailer in a proper lane and in driving on the wrong side of the road.

The Texas man did not require transport to the hospital from the scene but went to a doctor the next day with back pain.  An MRI showed a herniated L4-5 spinal disc.  The same disc had been herniated three years earlier.

The man was temporarily unable to return to work but resumed all duties at his pre-accident earnings within a year.  Ammons had experts analyze and project future medical care costs as well as lost earning capacity.  Those projections on both damages elements were disputed by the trucking company’s lawyers.

The trucking company paid $1 million to the Plaintiff.

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