Rollover Attorney Rob Ammons Settles Suit Against Ford After Fatal Arkansas Crash

The Ammons Law Firm has successfully negotiated a settlement with Ford in a wrongful death case filed on behalf of the wife of an Arkansas man whose 2003 Ford F250 rolled over.

The 60-year-old man was driving the F250 down an Arkansas highway when the road became exceptionally slick, causing the pickup to skid off the roadway where it then rolled over. Although the driver was properly wearing his seat belt, he was partially ejected from the vehicle when the roof collapsed over his seat and his door came open during the roll.

According to Ammons, the F250 is not crashworthy in rollovers, meaning occupants of the vehicle can suffer extra injuries unnecessarily in such accidents. Ammons claimed the F250 did not provide adequate occupant protection and containment to the man in this rollover because the roof crushed, the seat belt did not keep him in contact with his seat, and the open door created a portal for his upper body to travel outside the pickup’s safety cell. As a result of the partial ejection, the man-made harmful contact with the roof structure and ground as the vehicle rolled.

According to the lawsuit, the man sustained a spinal cord injury resulting in acute paraplegia, complications from which he died five days later. The wife he left behind sought wrongful death damages and was compensated through the confidential monetary settlement reached between the parties.

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