Navistar Sued after Leaking Tire Causes Fatal Texas Crash

On behalf of the surviving wife, children and parents of a 28-year-old Louisiana man, Rob Ammons have filed suit against Navistar. The lawsuit cites defects in an International brand truck tractor for his death.

The man was an occupant of the truck as it traveled on a Texas roadway. Without awareness on the part of the truck’s occupants, the rig’s right-front tire began leaking air, ultimately causing the tire to fail. The disablement of the tire caused the truck to travel off the road where it entered a ditch, rolled over and skidded to a rest on its top. After a lengthy extrication, the man was flown to the hospital for treatment but later died from his traumatic injuries.

In the lawsuit, Rob Ammons claims the International truck designed and manufactured by Navistar lacked a tire pressure monitoring system for its steer axle tires – a safety feature that would have alerted the truck’s users to the dangerous air leak in time to remedy it and prevent the tire failure that caused the fatal accident.

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