Michelin Pays After Defective Tire Causes Fatal Texas Rollover

Michelin is paying to bring an end to a suit brought by the widow and children of a 51-year-old Texas man. The man was killed when his pickup truck rolled over. The rollover was caused by the tread separation failure of a Uniroyal Liberator A/T tire that was defectively designed and manufactured by Michelin. The man suffered extensive blunt force injuries and died at the scene.

The lawsuit filed by Rob Ammons claimed the tire was built using inadequate materials and processes that prevented the rubber surfaces from bonding together properly. According to Ammons, inspection of the failed tire revealed numerous deficiencies, including the presence of voids created by air and moisture being present at the time of manufacture and of impressions (referred to as liner pattern marks) that indicate old, dried out components were used in the tire’s manufacture. Ammons also alleged that the tire was designed with an inner liner that was too thin to achieve the low air permeability required to make the tire durable.

The man’s wife of 33 years and his 3 children sought wrongful death damages and will be compensated by Michelin.

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