Ford F150 Doors Fly Open After Tread Separation Causes Texas Rollover

Four grievously injured occupants of a family’s pickup will be compensated by Ford after Rob Ammons negotiated the resolution of their personal injury claims. The family’s 2001 Ford F150 pickup was traveling at highway speeds in Caldwell County, Texas when its left rear tire experienced a tread separation failure. The pickup left the roadway and rolled over. The passengers – two adults and two minor children – sustained multiple injuries when the pickup’s doors came open.

Ammons explains that defects in the F150 were integral both in contributing to causing the rollover and in causing extra injuries to the pickup’s occupants. Specifically, Ammons claimed the F150 was designed with an unstable geometry and improper handling characteristics that made it unacceptably prone to rolling over in the event of a rear tire disablement. Additionally, the pickup’s door latches were not crashworthy. In this rollover, the doors opened, leading to several of the occupants being ejected as the pickup rolled.

The minors suffered traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries that have thus far cost over $3 Million to treat. One adult suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury which has rendered him, quadriplegic, while the other adult suffered a spinal fracture and a mild brain injury. Nearly a million dollars in past medical expenses have been incurred by these adults, and the spinal cord injured victims will require a combined additional $19 Million to take care of their future medical and life care needs.

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