Continental Tire and Ford Sued After Spare Tire Causes Fatal Crash

The Ammons Law Firm has filed a lawsuit against Continental Tire and Ford on behalf of a Texas woman and her three daughters who were injured in a tragic rollover crash that also resulted in the death of the woman’s mother. The family members were traveling in a 2003 Ford Expedition when the tread of its left rear tire peeled off. The Expedition was sent out of control by the sudden tire failure and rolled over, coming to rest on its top.

The tire that failed was a Continental ContiTrac SUV tire chosen by Ford to be provided with the Expedition as its original equipment spare. The 13-year-old tire looked new, and its tread was hardly worn.

According to Ammons, “Scores of old but never before used original equipment spare tires are placed into service every day by folks who have no idea that they are unsafe simply because of their age.”

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