Defective Product Attorney Rob Ammons Files Suit Against Cooper Tire and Ford After Tread Separation Rollover

Rob Ammons has filed suit against Ford and Cooper Tire.

In the lawsuit, Rob Ammons claims the tread of a Cooper Discoverer HTP tire peeled away from the carcass because the tire was defectively designed, manufactured and marketed. According to Ammons, the failed tire displays inadequate bonding of internal components and a cracked inner liner. Ammons also claims the skim stock from which the tire was built was not robust enough to make it durable and resistant to the premature breakdown of materials inside the tire.

Allegations made against Ford in the lawsuit involving the Explorer being designed in a way that makes it exceedingly difficult to handle following the failure of a rear tire. It is also claimed that the geometry of the Explorer makes it unreasonably prone to rolling over and that it should have been equipped with a safety feature called electronic stability control to help prevent oversteer, loss of control and rollover.

The crash took the life of a college student and left five others severely injured.

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