Chrysler “Stalls” to Find Defect in its Pacifica Minivans

Chrysler Minivan

There are few things scarier than your minivan shutting down on the highway in front of a large 18 wheeler or stalling in the middle of a busy intersection. Consumers have reported that Chrysler’s Pacifica minivan has lost power while it’s in drive. More than 50 Pacifica owners have filed complaints with the NHTSA about the minivans suddenly shutting down while in drive.

Chrysler responded that it is aware of these complaints and is actively looking into the problem. There have been no complaints of injuries or accidents, but that doesn’t mean they won’t occur. Notably, two Pacifica owners have left their vehicles with dealers and have declined to take the vans back until the stalling issue has been resolved. Chrysler’s efforts to solve the stalling problem remain questionable, and until Chrysler finds the defect or issues a recall, consumers need to remain vigilant if they own one of these Pacificas.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a stalling defect in your Chrysler Pacifica, you may have a potential claim for damages against the manufacturer. The auto defect lawyers with the Ammons Law Firm have the legal resources and experience to assist you. Call (281) 801-5617