Company Pays $300,000 for Neck Injury

A 45-year-old Texas man was seriously injured when a large van plowed into the back of his sedan and pushed it off the road. The van was being operated by a commercial driver employed by the van’s owner. The officer investigating the crash determined that only two factors contributed to causing the crash: The van driver’s inattention and his failure to control his speed.

Wrecked sedan

The lawsuit Rob Ammons filed on the man’s behalf has now been resolved, and $300,000 in compensation is being paid. In the lawsuit, Rob Ammons alleged that the conduct of the van’s driver was negligent and caused the crash in which the man was injured. Because at the time of the crash the van was being operated in the course and scope of its driver’s employment, both the driver and the van’s owner who employed him were sued.

While Ammons alleged that the employer was legally liable for its driver’s negligence, the lawsuit also included allegations that the employer was negligent in failing to provide practical training to the driver and in continuing to employ him despite his being involved in an earlier on-the-job accident.

The Texas man suffered a neck injury that caused pain.

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