Attorney Rob Ammons Concludes Case against Ford Following Fatal Texas Crash

A case brought against Ford on behalf of the husband and 2 minor sons of a 39-year-old Texas woman killed when the 2003 Ford F150 Super Duty pickup truck in which she was riding was struck in the passenger side by a second vehicle has been successfully concluded. The Ammons Law Firm had filed a lawsuit against Ford, claiming that the F150 was defective because it was not crashworthy. The pickup looked like this after the crash.

Wrecked pick up truckAmmons claimed that the F150’s side structure was unacceptably weak as a result of being designed and manufactured by Ford without a B pillar. Ammons also claimed that the woman was not provided adequate occupant protection and injury prevention benefits in the collision because the pickup was not equipped with a side torso airbag. The victim was belted in the front passenger seat at the time of this crash.