Wrongful Death Attorney Rob Ammons Files Lawsuit Against Trucking Company

A Texas man, age 66, was assaulted and killed by a co-worker wielding a crowbar at the Harris County headquarters of his trucking company employer.  Rob Ammons has filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the man’s widow, alleging that, before hiring the alleged assailant, the company failed to conduct a proper criminal background check which would have revealed a previous intentional homicide.  In addition to negligent hiring, Ammons further contends that the alleged assailant was carelessly retained and inadequately supervised and evaluated.

“Workplace violence is a real problem,” says Ammons, “but prudent employers have resources available to them to reduce the risk and provide for the well-being of their employees.  When even the simplest safety measures to prevent violence at work are not utilized, workers are placed at unnecessary risk and tragedies like this are inevitable.”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 409 workers in private industry and government were workplace homicide victims in  2014.

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