Auto Manufacturer to Compensate Catastrophically Injured Texas Man

When a client’s vehicle was involved in a crash, the passenger in its reclined front seat suffered a traumatic brain injury, lacerated liver and spleen, and numerous broken bones. A lawsuit was filed against the car’s manufacturer, which alleged that product defects were to blame, and the litigation resulted in the car manufacturer agreeing to compensate the passenger for his life-changing injuries.

Rob Ammons claimed the vehicle was defective because its front passenger seat can be used in an unsafe reclined position while the car is in motion. “This defect has caused preventable injuries to front seat passengers for decades,” says Ammons. It was also alleged that the vehicles seat belts do not maintain an occupant safely within a reclined seat in the event of a crash, and the side impact airbag does not protect a passenger sitting in a reclined seat.

The young man sought compensation for damages which included over $300,000 in past medical expenses and also projected future treatment and life care costs of $11 Million. The case was featured on the news –