Ammons Law Firm Wins Unprecedented $33 Million Verdict Against Goodyear Tire Company

A de-treading defective tire resulted in a head-on collision that led to the death of beloved community leader in 2013. On Friday evening, a jury handed down a record-breaking $33 million verdict holding a tire Manufacture directly responsible for its lax approach to safety and manufacturing that resulted in the fatal wreck.

John Gsanger, of The Ammons Law Firm states, “The tire that de-treaded, caused a cement truck to lose control and crash into Plaintiff/ In our analysis, we found the failed tire’s problems were numerous and included adhesion defects and off-center, wrong-sized steel belts. Tread separation and the loss of vehicular control is the result of shoddy manufacturing.”  Gsanger hopes this verdict will send a message to tire manufacturers that product safety should always be more important than profits.