$10,000,000 in Future Medical Needed for Victim of Toyota Camry Crash

On behalf of a Texas woman, who suffered traumatic injuries to her head, neck and spinal cord when the 2005 Toyota Camry in which she was the driver was struck in the front left corner by a second vehicle, Attorney Rob Ammons has filed suit against Toyota. The lawsuit also names the driver of the second vehicle as a Defendant.

In the lawsuit, Rob Ammons claims the Camry was defective in that it was not crashworthy.  Although the Texas woman was properly utilizing her seatbelt, she was not provided adequate occupant protection and injury prevention in the crash. As a result, half her body is paralyzed. Those injuries would not have occurred in a crashworthy vehicle.

Image of car crash

Damages sought in the lawsuit include those suffered by the paralyzed woman as well as loss of consortium damages suffered by her husband who was robbed of the wife he knew before the crash.

A preliminary life care evaluation assesses costs of future medical care to be more than $10,000,000.00. Rob Ammons and Adam Milasincic will be the primary attorneys representing the Plaintiff.

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