Continental Tire Pays Victims of Fatal ContiTrac SUV Tire Failure

In resolution of a lawsuit filed by The Ammons Law Firm on behalf of four injured members of a Dallas family and the survivors of a toddler who was killed in a rollover crash, Continental Tire is providing monetary compensation.

The family was traveling in an SUV when the tread on its right rear tire separated from the carcass. The sudden tire failure sent the SUV out of control, and it rolled over.

Tire defect

The tire was a ContiTrac SUV tire which Rob Ammons claimed in the lawsuit was defectively designed and manufactured by Continental. The tire was of advanced age, but because it had legal tread depth and looked to be in good shape, the family was not aware that it should not have been in service simply because of how long ago the tire was actually built. The internal materials in tires degrade over time and become brittle, but such changes are not visible from the outside.

“People are being needlessly injured, lives needlessly lost. The tire industry needs to come clean on the tire aging issue, admit there’s a problem and educate consumers properly about the issue,” says Ammons.

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