Ford Compensates Wyoming Woman Injured in Lincoln Mark VIII

The Ammons Law Firm has successfully secured monetary compensation on behalf of a 70-year-old woman who sustained major head trauma, a brain injury and multiple fractures when her Lincoln Mark VIII was struck on its driver’s side front panel by a passenger van and then came to rest against a guardrail.

Car wreck on highway

The degree of occupant compartment intrusion was well beyond what is acceptable in a safe, crashworthy vehicle. While the woman was wearing her seat belt and was found still buckled within her driver’s seat when responders reached the Mark VIII, she was caused to suffer extensive preventable injuries as a result of occupant protection defects in the vehicle.

According to a products liability lawsuit filed by Ammons, the Mark VIII was not crashworthy in the event of this small overlap frontal crash. The side structure, including the door, was weak and incapable of handling and dispersing the forces produced in the crash so that the deformation did not reach the driver’s seating area where it could inflict injury.

Charges for treatment of the injuries suffered by the woman exceeded $300,000.

“The fact that an automaker would all but ignore principles crucial to providing protection to occupants in crashes — namely maintaining occupant survival space and managing the collision energy — in designing the Mark VIII is unacceptable,” says Ammons.

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