Ford Pays Victims After Tread Separation Causes Fatal Ford Expedition Rollover

Four injured members of a Dallas family and the survivors of a toddler who was killed in a rollover crash are being compensated by Ford in resolution of a lawsuit filed by The Ammons Law Firm on their behalf.

The deadly incident happened when the tread on the right rear tire of a 2003 Ford Expedition in which the family was traveling peeled off. The sudden tire failure sent the SUV out of control, and it rolled over.

According to Ammons, one cause of this crash was that Ford designed, manufactured and sold the Ford Expedition in such a way that it was prone to oversteer and loss of directional control in the event of a sudden rear tire disablement. A second reason was that the tire that failed was 13 years old. The tire had come with the Expedition as its original equipment spare and had not been placed into service until shortly before the tragedy. The family was unaware that tires degrade internally, regardless of whether they are in service or being stored as spares, and that as their components dry out with age, the adhesive properties of the tires break down. The lawsuit also indicated that Ford failed to warn of the Expedition’s handling inadequacies.

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