Giti Tire Pays in Fatal Arizona Crash Caused by Champiro 70 GT Radial

A product liability case brought by the wife, children and parents of a 48-year-old family man killed in a rollover crash triggered by a tire failure has been successfully concluded.

The crash occurred when the man’s car suddenly left the roadway and hit a tree following the disablement of the left rear tire. The tire at issue was a Champiro 70 GT Radial designed and built by Giti Tire in China. The tire failed through 360-degree separation of its tread from its carcass.

Damaged tires

In the lawsuit filed against the manufacturer, Rob Ammons claimed that the design employed byGiti made use of belt skim rubber that was not enriched with anti-oxidants to provide resistance to fatigue. Additionally, it was alleged that the tire’s design did not incorporate durability features shown to reduce tread separation failures: a proper wedge design and a full nylon cap ply. According to the lawsuit, the tire also had a manufacturing defect known as a “dog ear splice” resulting from its belts not being properly placed, spaced and aligned when the tire was assembled. Each of these defects placed the tire at an unreasonable risk for tread separation failure.

It was also noted that, although the tire had very good remaining tread depth and only extremely modest wear that was even and uniform, it was 8 years old at the time it failed. No information or warnings about how materials in a tire degrade over time, regardless of whether the tire is placed into contact with the road, were provided to the consumer by Giti. Similarly, no recommendations not to place an old tire (e.g., over 6 years of age) into service were given by Giti. The tire’s advanced age likely factored into its failure.

“Neither the design nor the manufacture of this tire approached the state of the art at the time it was built. And lack of information and warnings by the manufacturer regarding the limited service life of a tire is simply irresponsible,” says Ammons.

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