Authorities Declare Crockett Energy Facility Hazmat Emergency

Plant Explosion

On October 15, 2019, a fire began at the NuStar Energy facility in Crockett California, sending thick black smoke into the area. According to the Vallejo Fire Department, the fire started in the NuStar Energy storage tanks on San Pablo Ave.

Major emergency response teams fled to the scene as smoke and flames began to spread throughout the refinery. News footage shows several tanks engulfed in flames while an airplane conducts airdrops on the hills. Authorities have issued a shelter in place for residents who were also told to keep their windows closed.  Contra Costa County Sheriff’s office cautioned surrounding area residents to, “Go inside and close all windows and doors. Turn off all heaters, air conditioners, and fans.”

Contra Costa County District One Supervisor John Gioia said on KTVU that tanks “store products for local refineries.” The cause of the explosion and fire are still unknown. No injuries have yet been reported.

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