Ford Defect

Ford Pays Texas Man Injured by Defective Ford F-350 Vehicle

Attorney Rob Ammons concluded the products liability suit filed on behalf of a 25-year-old Texas man. The litigation stemmed from a crash in which the 2005 F-350 the man was driving was rear-ended by a truck. The man suffered serious and debilitating spinal cord injuries in the crash and will suffer for the remainder of his life.

In the lawsuit, Attorney Ammons claimed that the F-350, designed and manufactured by Ford, is not crashworthy in rear-end collisions because its seatback system failed to provide adequate occupant restraint and injury prevention in such impacts. In this crash, the man’s seatback collapsed rearward and twisted toward the passenger side. Ammons alleged that a vehicle’s seating system should restrain an occupant in a rear-impact collision just like a seatbelt restraints an occupant in a frontal collisions. Due to the failure of the seatback, the man’s neck was flexed and he suffered numerous injuries to his spine which required fusion surgery.

Ford Defect

As a result, The Ammons Law Firm sought economic and human damages from Ford. The man has already incurred $256,000.00 in medical expenses to treat his injuries, and a board certified doctor projected the costs of necessary future treatment and services at $608,000.00. Unable to return to the occupation he had pre-crash because of his neck and spinal injuries and having nearly 33 years of expected worklife remaining at the time he was so grievously injured, the man’s future lost earnings were calculated to be in the neighborhood of $1.2 million.

At The Ammons Law Firm, we were pleased to secure a positive outcome for our client in this serious matter. Our firm has a nationwide personal injury practice focusing on tire defects, truck accidents, rollovers, consumer protection and product liability, catastrophic injury, wrongful death, post-collision fires, seatbelt defects, airbag defects and plant explosions.

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