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Chemical Plant Explosion Reported at Lake Charles Chemicals Project

On Monday, January 13th, there was a significant plant explosion at Sasol’s controversial U.S. chemical plant known as the Lake Charles Chemicals Project. The explosion resulted in a fire and the unit was immediately shut down after the incident. While there were no injuries reported in the immediate aftermath of the explosion, an independent investigation has already found evidence that there was an “improper tone” at the highest levels of leadership at the plant, and that the project management team may have engaged in inappropriate conduct as well.

Ever since the Lake Charles operation began, chemical giant Sasol Ltd. has faced steady criticism and scrutiny for its actions related to this project. After Sasol increased the projected cost of the Lake Charles Chemicals Project multiple times last year, independent consultants reported that they found cause for concern about continuing “control weaknesses” and technical challenges at the plant. These challenges interrupted production at the facility and caused company shares to drop by at least 12%.

The plant unit has been slated to produce low-density polyethylene, a common thermoplastic that is considered to be one of the world’s most widely used polymers. Time will only tell if plant workers will develop injuries related to the recent explosion – or if future workers will suffer injuries as a result of negligence at the plant.

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